Genius English Learning System

MRT Fitness International Village is leading Taiwan to become an advanced international country. We offer the fastest way to learn practical English.


Native English Countries most efficient way for learning English.


4 Week trial study program. No requirements. No need to try hard to remember English spelling, sounds or grammar.


This is the most relaxed and efficient way to become fluent in thinking, speaking and listening as a natural ability.


The difficulty in learning English well is not because our ability is not good. It is through an error in the education system.


The GENIUS ENGLISH system is through a network of logical games multiplied by a sense based memory system. It involves:

- Original theory of grammar

- 3D explanation plus individual lesson design

- Teaching in both languages, Chinese and English

- Live Practise with native English professional speakers

in just 6 months the GENIUS ENGLISH STUDY SYSTEM will change your life. Come and enjoy the best and most intelligent way to learn English.

The Genius English Study Program is:


- Suitable for all ages

- Available to small groups or one-on-one

- Corporate team classes


The System is customised for your requirements.


Price negotiable. Guaranteed in 6 months you will graduate to understand how to learn English, how to think in English, how to speak and express your thoughts, ideas and feelings fluently or tuition fees returned.

Classes begin with testing to help you to identify and be aware of your current level of English.

Contact us now to register your interest.

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