Mind, Body and Spirits Meditation Retreat

A holiday retreat that covers your holistic health.
Rest your mind from worry, rebalance your emotion into joy, release all the physical tension, and find inner peace in your heart.
Our Retreats Include:
- World Class Trainers
- Wild Organic Nutrition Dining
- 5 Star Hot Spring Resorts and Service
- Daily Tension-Free Training Program 
- Individual Tailored Body Assessment and Healing Massage 
- Develop Joyful Meditation Awareness 
- Emperor Herb for Rejuvenation and Meditation Training
- Experience Buddhism Earth Paradise Temples
- Astonishing Nature and Scenery
Exclusive Meditation Retreat Price : 
7 Day Retreat (1 Day easy program) US$12,000
For Private or your own Small Group Retreats, dates and duration can be individually arranged. 
2020 Moving Meditation FV
2020 動禪健身國際村